How Fresh is Coffee from Amity Brew?

Our roasters are located in the US and roast select coffee beans when we order. Each order is properly packaged in an air-tight bag with a degassing valve and is shipped to you right away. That's fresh!

How Long Does Coffee Stay Fresh?

Usually, if coffee is kept in an air-tight container and away from light and heat, whole beans keep for about 90 days. There's no need to freeze it. Ground coffee has a shorter shelf life, which is about 3 weeks if kept in the same conditions.

From Where Does Amity Brew Source Products?

We strive to purchase fair trade products through US wholesalers. Those wholesalers source products from around the world.

Is Your Coffee Fair Trade or Organic?

We do our best to only source coffee from wholesalers who buy Fair Trade and Organic when available.

Can I Try a Sample of Your Coffee or Tea Before Buying a Whole Bag?

Yes! See our sample order webpage. Each is only $3, which covers the cost of shipping and handling.

Can Amity Brew Create a Custom Blend for Me?

Yes! See our webpages for custom tea and custom coffee. You can also send us a message.

Do You Sell Decaffeinated Coffee?

Not at this time. We do sell herbal tea.

What Types of Coffee Beans Does Amity Brew Sell?

Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta. Arabica has a more refined taste and only grows in high altitudes while Robusta has a harsh taste but it has higher yields, is resistant to diseases and grows at lower elevations.

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 Where Can I Find Store Policies?

You can read about our various policies here.